...a.chance.worth.taking... (notquitehxc325) wrote,

.*. the last song .*.

the last time

I swore that this'd be the last time I let you get me,
I said i now know what kind of person you can be,
I saw what true colors lied,
In the person I once revered in the most high.

You twisted and turned the truth,
like a maliable soft metal,
You didntt realize my true fragility,
Like spring's first rose petal.

My rose has long wilted,
Brown and dry,
and you my friend,
have brought tear after tear to my eye.

I swore The tears wouldnt last,
it had to be the last time,
time for me to regain control,
This Life Is Mine.

Yetm I've learned much from you,
and you from me,
I thought i wanted you gone,
far away from me
and only now do i realize,
that you really dont want me.

A year has gone by,
Since I first fell,
Still recovering from my wounds,
Still hearing love's bell--


calling me to come back.

I know its not you ringing
But who is, is beyond me
I can hear your voice singing
and i feel like it's just you and me

I dreamed of a life time,
spent with you my love,
I know it'll never happen
but sadly, you're the only one i dream of.

I've tried moving on,
and it just doesnt work.
I've tried shutting you out
yet your shadow still lurks.

I guess i'm trying to say,
that i still love you,
i want you back today,
I love you...
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