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I am : not that kind of guy.
I know : that life is an inevitable detour.
I need : you.
I want : to succeed…
I have : nothing but determination.
I wish : I had talent.
I love : my love, my best friend.
I hate : you. Me. Everything.
I miss : being naïve.
I fear : dieng and dieng alone.
I hear : my Rent soundtrack blasting.
I hope : for you, for me.
I feel : like you smell bad.
I will : sit here and type this ridiculous survey for your pleasure.
I look : like a retareded ferret impersonating elvis.
I pretend : that you love me.
I remember : life before heartbreak.
I wonder : if I’ll live much longer.
I smell : like a sweaty man.
I crave : sex. Lots of it.
I regret : not ever finishing the job.
I try : for you. And only you.
I dream : of naked women playing on Pogo sticks while roasting marshmallow covered roosters…or cocks.
I believe : I can fly…. Causes concoussions.
I touch : small children. Ooo.
I sleep : with my pussy. My hairy black pussy.
I cry : too much. Im too much of a queen.
I smile : when people make me smile.
I worry : you’ll be gone tomarrow.
I accept : that I’ll never succeed.
I think : that my “I dream statement” is weird
I see : you and me, a beach, a ferret, and a zamboni.

Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby or leave me
No way - Can I be what I'm not
But hey - Don't you want your girl hot!
Don't fight - Don't lose your head
Cause every night- Who's in your bed?
Who's in your bed, baby?
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